Loca Credibilia

Loca Credibilia could be defined as “place of authentication”, which is similar to some extent to the services of notaries in European countries. An institution in medieval Central Europe has been called like that, where the documents of individuals or communities were not only scribed on paper but the documents themselves were also preserved. In addition the Loca Credibilia have attested the authenticity of the documents with their seal. 

Today we preserve our important documents in the safe of banks, and we use the services of notaries for attestation. However in the world of digital documents, we don’t have the perfect solution. There are too many documents, too many copies of them, and the authenticity of these are more questionable than ever. Our solution wants to be similar to its medieval predecessor, keeping in mind of course the challenges of the 21th century. The system ensures the authenticity of the documents of the clients, it preserves them, and also authenticates that who, when, for what reason wants access to them, and stores every modifications built-in the certification chain in order to track genuine source. It also facilitates producing an authentic paper based copy of an authentic digital document.