About us

Our company group is present on the national and international markets for several decades. We witnessed and participated in the evolution of information technology that occurs in accelerating cycles. The IoT (Internet of Things), and somewhat later the IoE (Internet of Everything) were results of the most recent development cycle. Under the effect of these changes, we decided to reposition ourselves on the market and to renew our role in accordance with the new and changed demands of the market. We work with new technology applying our profound decade long experience, while we develop global services based on innovative solutions. Our aim is to create trust founded on a stable ground, profound experience and genuine credibility!

However, the company history does not only consist of positive stories: we were also affected by the economic crisis of 2008 and its outcomes. Just as many other IT companies, our company was also affected by the crisis, as the demand for our traditional products, as well as interest in our development capacity gradually decreased for several years between 2010 and 2013. Many big IT infrastructure developments could not take place or had to be postponed, many companies went bankrupt. Public information technology was centralised to a big extent and the principle of „one solution for all” was applied. As a result, the market of small and medium IT companies, where our company group belongs to, shrunk even further. This economic change also led to replanning our profile and portfolio and to the decision on our new strategy.

In this new reality characterised by the internet, cloud services are the background of resources necessary to cater for the applications according to specific needs in a secure manner. The solutions offered by the IoE are capable of ensuring global access to IT services at minimal investment costs for the user. Our services are also based on cloud resources. On the IT market, one can observe that more and more clients wish to utilise IT solutions within the framework of cloud services and the related permissions, rather than buying them as an investment or maintenance tool in a technical sense. Nowadays, it is important to be able to offer professional IT solutions for access based on demand with relatively short introduction time and minimized investment costs.

Innovation is making efficient use of the solutions offered by Information Technology, a big amount of information is based on processing according to state of the art knowledge. We have to ask ourselves, how effectively this new, state of the art concept or idea can be linked to innovation. Due to the complex nature of problems, the pace of the innovation in itself can already decide upon the outcome. Those who bring their new solutions on the market first, will often have a headstart that the competitors can never catch up with! Innovation lies at the centre of our new strategy.

Intersoft aims to deliver the innovative solutions of the „IoE new age”.

In order to achieve this goal, we needed to create a new profile, safeguarding our existing portfolio.

  • Data and information authenticity is one of the cornerstones of the IoE world. The security of communication running through billions of connections - people to people (P2P), people to machine (P2M), machine to machine (M2M) is of fundamental importance. Errors or counterfeit can lead to unpredictable damage, bigger than any we have witnessed before, as we are depending, also in terms of reliability, on machines, on the Information Technology, in the case of this huge amount of data. Our team is continuously doing research in this field, too, and based on these results, our employees develop new solutions, embedded in international cooperation. As a result of previous years’ work, we have developed several new solutions, methods and systems.
    • The ADNS Certification system is a unique and patented tool for the authentification and unique identification of products, documents and transactions. The introduction of the patented process in monitoring different product sectors has started, foremost in the food industry and the trade sector. In the coming years, the aim is to expand the service globally in geographic terms, as well as in terms of content.
    • Our Loca Credibilia solution offers to secure document authenticity, and enhances the security of transactions and management processes involving documents. The process being developed with the support of the European Union.
  • The other big issue in the IoE world is electromobility. It means much more than just motor vehicles powered by electricity and the evolution of self-driving cars. We contribute to the developments in this field with our own means, establishing an international team that reviewed the tasks in this area and planned numerous new, innovative solutions. The team headed by us has developed the CEEeRP (Central and Eastern European energy Roaming Platform) system, which provides an IT service supporting financial/accounting tasks of players on the electromobility market. We offer consultancy and development services in this field to our potential clients.