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Our mission

Our company group is present on national and international markets for several decades. We witnessed and participated in the evolution of information technology that occurs in ever accelerating cycles. The IoT (Internet of Things), and somewhat later the IoE (Internet of Everything) were results of the most recent development cycle. Under the effect of these changes, we decided to reposition ourselves on the market and to renew our role in accordance with the market’s new and changed demands. We work with new technology applying our profound decade long experience, and we develop global services based on innovative solutions. Our aim is to create trust founded on a stable ground, profound experience and genuine credibility!


Authentification, authenticity verification, product identification, high-level cryptography solutions. These are some of the areas addressed during our research, development and innovation projects of the past few years. Amidst the constant and rapid development of information technology, innovation helps us to continue to be at the forefront of Hungarian IT companies since more than 20 years. Our scientifically qualified colleagues regularly give lectures at universities in Hungary and abroad. We have active working relationships in the field of research and development with several Hungarian higher education institutions and we are successful in receiving funding for Hungarian and European Union research and development projects.

Intersoft group

Intersoft Hungary Kft.

The company group is led by Intersoft Hungary Kft. It manages the tasks of the holding and coordinates the management of complex projects.

Intersoft Informatika Kft.

Intersoft Informatika Kft. is responsible for the development activities, the development and introduction of new products, the design and maintenance of integration information technology systems, and the practical implementation of R+D.

Intersoft Consulting Kft.

Intersoft Consulting Kft. delivers business solutions. The dynamically developing software house offers corporate governance systems from the product range of the world’s leading service providers.

Intersoft Controlling Kft.

Intersoft Controlling Kft. offers a wide range of services in the field of finance and accounting to the company group’s clients.

Our partners